Muddled Metaphors

You can judge a book by its cover…but then you get wolves in sheep’s clothing.
When we stop judging books by their cover…we get sheep in a wolf’s clothing.

Occam’s Rake?

Instead of using a leaf blower, maybe just buy a bigger rake.

Social Media Killed the Dinosaurs (and we’re next)

Sure, we’d all like to believe that it was a large asteroid…and there ARE those that believe it was some sort of climate change (caveman Al Gore). But real time-travelers know that it was really just Social Media that killed the Dinosaurs….

Riding to the Top of the World

The Top of the World is cold in August. Within the last week of riding I’ve gone from blazing heat in Kansas to the rainy cold of Montana. And I’m so tired…

Center of My Known Universe

Things I’ve learned riding to the center of my American Universe:
Nothing worth telling anyone about is easy.
Life is 98% drudgery on your way to the highlights.
The good bits will always come, learn to appreciate the drudgery…

Center of the States

I was as far away from all the oceans as I could possibly be today. It sort of defined the term “land-locked”. The Center of the Lower 48 States, just outside of Lebanon, KS…more photos…

Riding North

This begins the 3000 mile motorcycle trip from Kansas City to Montana. I’ll be quickly

Biff Reunion – Day 1

This is the first full day of my full vacation. I’ve landed safely at our friend’s lake home on Smith Mt. Lake Virginia. Amazing place and wonderful people.

So, what happens when you start throwing around a GoPro camera while swimming? The girls take over the production…

Po-Go Zombies

And remember, safety first, so keep an eye open for the Po-Go zombies as they troll your neighborhood for their next conquest. All this really does is identify them as “first against the wall” when the revolution begins.

Bored Molding

You know your really bored when you start to post photos of the molding. Seriously…is

What I Learned Today

The Internet has given me access to unlimited information…yet, I’m dumber for it.

Dreary Day Dreaming…

Just dreaming of better days and riding. It’s so dreary and grey outside. Midwest winter

Seriously Shallow…

Yeah, this is a seriously shallow depth of field. Just playing around with my new

500 Words Story: Why I'm Not a Father

The screams of terror filled the night shocking him out of his bed. High pitched nightmare screams that could only come from a 6 year old child’s lungs. The word “Daddy” was screamed repeatedly as one long word “daddydaddydaddy” at decibels that almost had the neighbors dialing 911.

500 Words Story: Retired at 24

…and he told me this mid-drink which I almost spit up. This was when I began to realize, I was in the middle of a professional-drinker-bar-room-whopper. This was going to be the “fishing” story of a lifetime. The one that got away. I hoped and prayed that he was a good story-teller because I liked what I heard so far. Yes, I was in the mood for a seriously good yarn. Fasten your seat belts ladies and gentlemen and keep you hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times.

One Day in the Bozone

Digging through old files I stumbled across this golden oldie…and I just needed to post

Iowa State Fair

Sitting at the Iowa State Fair ’cause that first margarita was wicked strong.

Biff Fest XX

Floating around Smith Mountain Lake in the heart of Virginia. A wonderful weekend with good

Silo Tree

Seriously…somebody built a silo around a tree. This just goes to show the dumbing down

Salt Lake City

Just south of Salt Lake City right after a storm. Crazy looking hanging-grape clouds.

20th IFC Reunion

So, this seems to be the “Year of the Reunion”. Family, High School, Work…and the

Way Too Early…

I’m up way too early getting packed and heading to the airport. Why? Because it’s

Lava Fields

Out in the lava fields in Iceland. I do have a fun life.

Trade Show Update

This is me from last year’s IPE trade show in Atlanta…and it was only the

The Untold Story

Due to a time travel accident, and with the aid of some organic lubricants, I

Segway Stupidity

The Segway is the perfect example of American genius pissed away. I’m sure the guy

Space Needle

Back in Seattle, on my way up to Port Hardy up on Vancouver island.

Light Saber Piñata

This is how you try and impress your nieces and nephews…use your digital skills to

Motion Demo Reel

Here is a sample of some animations, motion design and presentation graphics I’ve done over the years…

Landing in Iceland

This is my first trip to Iceland. Long night’s travel and a bit cold, but