Riding North

This begins the 3000 mile motorcycle trip from Kansas City to Montana. I’ll be quickly passing through Sturgis before all their festivities begin and on to Billings. There I’ll be meeting up with old friends and we’ll ride the Beartooth Pass (which is a Bucket-list item for me)

After that, we’ll just wing it. Could be riding around Yellowstone, could be mountain riding day trips and hopefully some hanging in Bozeman. There are even rumors of a possible small engine flight.

But first is a solo ride up through the Great Plains. I’ve never really spent much time in Nebraska and tomorrow I’ll be cutting right through the most desolate part. I’m hoping to get to Billings in three days, but am perfectly willing to extend that on account of weather or painful butt issues(we’ll see how comfy my seat really is).

Stay tuned for more. My goal is to post nightly with the day’s recap. Spoiler alert: Today’s trip will include World’s Largest Ball of Twine.