About Kirby

Trademark slogan:
“Follow me, this is going to be good”

Favorite quote: 
The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me. -Ayn Rand-

The following is all true.

My first computer geek job was for NASA.

When I was a kid I sat in the very first prototype Delorean DMC-12.

On the set of my earliest professional film production I got to drive a hand-built 1987 Corvette for the day (and this was in 1986).

While mountain biking in Montana I narrowly missed colliding with a full-grown Moose.

I’ve dibbled my nibblies with Beluga whales in the Hudson Bay.

I’ve witnessed the loading of a nuclear missile in South Dakota.

I strongly believe that all clay pigeons must die and I’m on a relentless quest to rid this planet of their existence.

I want to grow up and become that old man sitting around the fire telling amazing stories of the good old days.

I have a serious addiction/compulsion about having to see what’s over that next hill.

If I can laugh at it, I will. If I should cry, I’ll probably laugh.

How it all started:
My mother was an illustrator for Hallmark and my father was a chemical/plastics engineer for DeLorean Motor Company. As their spawn I have successfully been able to bridge the gap between their left and right brain lives…and I’ve done this with the help of computers.

From my father I got the ability to learn things very quickly. It’s a matter of being able to see and understand the system of whatever puzzle I’m studying and then apply the necessary logic creatively.

From my mother I got an obsessive need to make sure all the paintings are hanging straight and an appreciation of color and design balance.

Things are not as they seem…
When I was a little boy I loved boxes. Brand new appliances in our house meant that I had a new fort or a spaceship for the next week. Shoe boxes became secret caves for my superhero figures. I like boxes. There is more of a challenge to think your way out. All you need to do is crawl in the box with some markers and a pair of scissors and pretty soon you have a new castle to defend from that dangerous cat that roams the house. Now that I am bigger my favorite box is the shower. I get my greatest inspiration in the shower. Think outside the box? Nah, I think inside the shower.

I was born a problem-solver, a modifier, and a story-teller. These talents allow me to analyze systems and reconfigure them to fit my own needs or to make them more efficient. And that system could be a piece of software, the structure of a website, or the story a brand tells its market.