My Cat Was Undercover KGB

After many years of sworn silence the files can now be opened and the untold story…told.

My cat was an undercover KGB agent that was surgical altered to fit into a Siamese Cat suit and sent to the USA to spy on us. Why our family, you might ask? It seems that my father was more closely tied to advanced plastics engineering technology than I had previously thought and the Soviet Union wanted access to that technology.



Our cat, named Teddy, was suspected as an implanted KGB agent early on by a close family friend (Michael). He had noticed our cat’s suspicious behavior after frightfully waking to find the cat sitting on his chest in the middle of the night. From then on we all began to notice this strange behavior as Teddy always appeared at the oddest moments observing our behavior. Unlike normal cats Teddy seemed far to interested in what we were doing.

Unfortunately for Teddy, our family divorced early on and my father fled to Australia…leaving Teddy with us to live out his years without being able to supply his KGB handlers with any valuable information. And since his feline-alterations were a one-way ticket there was no way for him to return to his former Soviet life as a human KGB agent. Teddy lived out his life with us as a beloved household pet…even though he never really learned how to meow properly (he always seemed to meow with a Russian accent).






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    I’m waiting for the film!!