Social Media Killed the Dinosaurs (and we’re next)

Sure, we’d all like to believe that it was a large asteroid…and there ARE those that believe it was some sort of climate change (caveman Al Gore). But real time-travelers know that it was really just Social Media that killed the Dinosaurs.

Information moves like a virus and can kill as virulently. Ideas spread, tempers flare, then bullets start flying. This is how the new revolution begins.

The most important lesson we can take away from these magical-techno-times that we live in is…Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Good bye Facebook, I don’t like what you say, and I don’t like how you say it. So…I think we need to stop seeing each other.

Po-Go Zombies

Full disclosure: I downloaded Pokemon Go, played it, and promptly deleted the game right after my extensive facepalm.

That being said, from this vantage point I can see the past and the future of the digital world we live in…and this is the apex. That’s right, we’ve officially jumped the shark, people. So, surf it up, ’cause it doesn’t get any better than this (and that just makes me sad).

And remember, safety first, so keep an eye open for the Po-Go zombies as they troll your neighborhood for their next conquest. All this really does is identify them as “first against the wall” when the revolution begins.


Yeah, that’s right…I’m secure enough with my masculinity to identify with Julie Andrews romping through the Alps singing show tunes.

Dreary Day Dreaming…


Just dreaming of better days and riding. It’s so dreary and grey outside. Midwest winter consists of grey cold…that’s it.

On top of that I seem to have lost my enthusiasm. I feel the white-water rapids of life coming around the corner…change is coming…change is good.

Or maybe I just invest in some cold weather riding gear? Hmm…(riding withdrawals happen so fast)