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  • Biff Reunion – Day 1

    Biff Reunion – Day 1

    This is the first full day of my full vacation. I’ve landed safely at our friend’s lake home on Smith Mt. Lake Virginia. Amazing place and wonderful people. So, what happens when you start throwing around a GoPro camera while swimming? The girls take over the production…

  • 300 Miles of Missouri

    300 Miles of Missouri

    It was a long hot Saturday. A test run for things to come later this summer. My idea was to day-trip it from Kansas City to Carthage, MO…about 300 miles round-trip. I wanted to try and do that all in one day, and take all back roads, on my KLR 650. My questions were, could…

  • First Day in Reykjavik

    First Day in Reykjavik

    Hanging out in the land of Fire and ice. Today, there is more ice than fire. It’s cold. More later…

  • One Day in the Bozone

    One Day in the Bozone

    Digging through old files I stumbled across this golden oldie…and I just needed to post it here for safe keeping.

  • Iowa State Fair

    Iowa State Fair

    Sitting at the Iowa State Fair ’cause that first margarita was wicked strong.

  • Biff Fest XX

    Biff Fest XX

    Floating around Smith Mountain Lake in the heart of Virginia. A wonderful weekend with good friends, good food, good weather and a GoPro Hero camera. A special thanks to our gracious hosts, The Cooper Family. Thanks isn’t even enough for what they’ve given us over the last 20 years. We are truly blessed.

  • Silo Tree

    Silo Tree

    Seriously…somebody built a silo around a tree. This just goes to show the dumbing down of America (or is it just the dumbing down of me…derp).

  • Salt Lake City

    Salt Lake City

    Just south of Salt Lake City right after a storm. Crazy looking hanging-grape clouds.

  • Way Too Early…

    Way Too Early…

    I’m up way too early getting packed and heading to the airport. Why? Because it’s on again…and this time it’s bigger and better. I’m heading out to Atlanta today for the new revised IPPE trade show. I don’t have any idea what that stands for, but I know it’s a combination of the Poultry Show…

  • Lava Fields

    Lava Fields

    Out in the lava fields in Iceland. I do have a fun life.