Category: Portfolio

  • A Day in the Life of a Volunteer

    A Day in the Life of a Volunteer

    This is a short video I made to encourage more volunteers to work at the Hope Distribution Center…

  • PKD Foundation Logo

    Here are a couple animated logos I did for the PKD Foundation. They chose this first version as the intro for their videos. This is one of the other version I sent over. I liked it, but it didn’t make the cut.

  • Animated Gears

    Check out what I made today. This is based on some stock artwork from my job. We’ve been using the photo image in all our online and print ads, but I needed an animated version for some trade show videos…so I re-created and animated (it’s alive!! ALIVE!!!)…and it’s set-up to loop if needed.

  • Motion Demo Reel

    Motion Demo Reel

    Here is a sample of some animations, motion design and presentation graphics I’ve done over the years…

  • Max Space Intro

    This was an animated into for several infomercials from this company. This was all done with Flash animation so the client could also use this easily on their website without any heavy video loads.

  • Bad Ass Logistics Tshirt Design

    That was an original design for a trade-show give-away Tshirt. They asked for a biker style t-shirt, so this was printed on a full-sleeve black tshirt.

  • Keep On Shipping

    Another trade-show T-shirt in a 70s theme…playing off the “Keep On Trucking” theme. I wanted this to be similar to all those 70s cartoon hot-rod shirts.

  • Nuvio Brochure

    This was an 8-page brochure for a telecom start-up. Used during trade shows and venture capital presentations.

  • Redesign

    This was a full site redesign. It started with the public facing pages and included a larger secured section for their customers. Many of the Flash/Actionscript elements in the other section were used on this site. All the design, HTML, Javascript programming were done by me…all my parts were then integrated into their database system…

  • CERES Project

    This is sort of my humorous post…half lame post…sort of proud of this post… I’m conflicted…after all, this was my first real website I designed and programmed. Actually, this was THE site that I taught myself HTML with. That sad/funny part of this is that THEY ARE STILL USING THIS SITE!! This site was originally…