• 10 Seconds from Yesterday

    10 Seconds from Yesterday

    How do you shoot a 3 minute video of a machine running 5 seconds of product? Doh…7 cameras?

  • Biff Fest XX

    Biff Fest XX

    Floating around Smith Mountain Lake in the heart of Virginia. A wonderful weekend with good friends, good food, good weather and a GoPro Hero camera. A special thanks to our gracious hosts, The Cooper Family. Thanks isn’t even enough for what they’ve given us over the last 20 years. We are truly blessed.

  • What I Do During the Day

    What I Do During the Day

    This is what I do during most days (that I’m not climbing around a meat processing plant)…

  • Light Saber Piñata

    Light Saber Piñata

    This is how you try and impress your nieces and nephews…use your digital skills to turn their piñata bat into a Light Saber. Oh, the fun you can have with After Effects, a lot of patience and some cool plug-in scripts.

  • Motion Demo Reel

    Motion Demo Reel

    Here is a sample of some animations, motion design and presentation graphics I’ve done over the years…

  • Hot 103 Jamz TV Spot

    This commercial was made for a local radio station as part of a series commemorating their anniversary (I did NOT design that 60th Anniversary logo…don’t get me started)