Category: Design/Draw

  • Bad Ass Logistics Tshirt Design

    That was an original design for a trade-show give-away Tshirt. They asked for a biker style t-shirt, so this was printed on a full-sleeve black tshirt.

  • Keep On Shipping

    Another trade-show T-shirt in a 70s theme…playing off the “Keep On Trucking” theme. I wanted this to be similar to all those 70s cartoon hot-rod shirts.

  • Nuvio Brochure

    This was an 8-page brochure for a telecom start-up. Used during trade shows and venture capital presentations.

  • Touched / Movie Poster

    I designed the movie poster for an independent film called “Touched”. I heard from the director that this poster still hangs in a theater in Germany and Japan.