Just another day on the road…

I found a man dying on the side of the road early in the morning. I drove right past him, no, it couldn’t be that…but then the reality of the situation sunk in during a hasty u-turn. He was old and collapsed on the side of the road. My only thoughts were “Please don’t let me find a dead body, please don’t let me find a dead body”. He breathing was labored when I got there and the rest was a long 15 minutes with 911 operators and waiting on EMTs to arrive.

So that’s how I ended an amazing weekend with friends and started my 16 hour road trip across the Midwest. Thoughts and prayers were offered up for him, for my friends suffering with illness, and all the others about to embark on their journeys for the day.

The second leg of my vacation starts soon. I’ll be posting each night, sometimes a video, sometimes just photos, sometimes I’ll write some pithy prose or scathing joke (yeah, I’m trying to use all my “college” words). Please feel to comment, share or question.

Hope to see you all on the road sometime soon…