500 Words Story: We Are MegaMan

Yeah…I used to be MegaMan. Once…a long time ago. Not just once, I mean, I was always MegaMan. I don’t ever really remember a time that I wasn’t MegaMan. Well, I wasn’t called MegaMan when I was a kid…and no, I wasn’t called MegaKid. I was just Jonathan. Not an ordinary kid, but just Jonathan at the time. And all through those years my Dad would always make sure I never forgot how special I was, about how I was to save the world. Every time I got angry or frustrated as a kid my Dad was right there to turn it into a “learning moment” about how extraordinary I was, and about how I needed to judge each situation differently from the rest of the kids. I wasn’t allowed to stand up to my bullies. I never got in fights when I was kid. This was because my Dad would always say “pick your battles, son”. He would always try and explain to me how I could easily win these little battles but ultimately lose the war. I never really understood what he was talking about, though.

Until now.

Sometimes you really need to pick your battles carefully or the unintended consequences will alter your life path more than you would really want. What does that mean?

Well…once you tell the world that you are a superhero and you’re ready to help, things get a little…complicated. At first glance I thought it would be the right thing to do. I would be able to accomplish things most people couldn’t…or even wouldn’t if they could. I would be the one running into the burning building to save those kids. I would be the one to catch the bus falling off the cliff and return all those senior citizens safely back to their families. I would be the one to thwart bank robbers and kidnappers. But I would also be the one to help create an even scarier “bad guy”.

He took on the name “Dr Devious” and he publicly declared himself to be my sworn enemy. Why? I’m not really sure. I think somewhere along the way I might have wronged him somehow. I honestly don’t remember. Some sort of “unintended consequence” when I tried to save someone might have hurt him somehow and he took it all the wrong way. What do I know? I’m no shrink. But something I did, really ticked him off and that got his spandex shorts in a twist.

Long story short, he quickly became a raging hemorrhoid in my life. Every time I tried to save some people he would be there to make things that much more difficult. Every time I rescued a cat from a tree he was there trying to chop down the tree. I couldn’t make a move without him standing in my shadow taunting and teasing and poking and prodding…seriously trying to hurt me and anyone I was trying to help. So, I guess when the time came I really didn’t pick my battle correctly. I was too irritated and rushed in without thinking things through.

So…yeah..I was MegaMan…but now I’m just Jonathan, because that super-nucleastic-X-O-killer-ray-thingy of his worked. Well, not totally, I guess…I mean, it didn’t kill me, but it knocked me down a peg or two…or three. I don’t have any of the super powers anymore. I’m just a guy. A regular guy that’s going to live and die like the rest of the world. I get paper cuts and rug burns just like the rest of us.

Yeah…I could be bitter about this whole thing…yeah, that would be easy, but I’m not. My Dad didn’t raise me to have super-powers. He raised me to be a superhero…and to pick my battles wisely. I’ve made mistakes along the way, yeah, but thanks to my Dad I’m able to really understand how I can help the world. And now, each day as I help the poor, feed the hungry, and build homes for the homeless I really see how we all are superheros. Each one of us that reaches out to help someone. These are the things that turn our normal strengths into something extraordinary. And then…We are MegaMan.