Segway Stupidity

The Segway is the perfect example of American genius pissed away.

I’m sure the guy that invented this thing must think he’s pretty cool…and I can give him that. The technology behind this thing is pretty amazing, but I gotta tell you that the other guy that talked him into marketing this thing as a “personal transport” has to be the biggest asshole in American society.

I mean, really…like we need any help walking around when we live in a country that has “obesity” as an epidemic. Maybe if we used those legs and walked a bit more then we wouldn’t be such a fat lazy country.

Now I can understand if you don’t have legs, then this would be really cool. You get strapped in and then you can buzz around with the rest of the walking population. But when you already have legs that work…come on.

So the worst part of this is, I’m walking around the other day and I see a cop buzzing around on a Segway. He’s stopped at a light right next to another cop on foot. And the word “Dork” instantly comes to mind, as it always does when I see anyone on a Segway.

Then I started to get really pissed off as I realize that my tax dollars went to buy this lazy bastard a Segway so he could buzz around like a dork on patrol. Try and picture what’s going to happen when he buzzes up alongside a bad guy and tries to tackle him?

And it’s not like he couldn’t have used the exercise walking around. He was a chunky monkey.

I’m sure it’s not easy to walk for 8 hours straight and I’m sure that they all complain about shin splints and crap like that, but that’s THEIR JOB! It’s not like they didn’t know about it when they signed up for the job.

So maybe, instead of spending thousands of dollars on a Segway they could have been spent that on an weight-loss/exercise program and possibly even better shoes?

We were given perfectly good legs, so why can’t these people just shut-up and walk like the rest of us?

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